Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Let's get things moving, Atlanta!

Hi Atlanta Dancers and dance-lovers!

So Houston has Dance Source Houston, Washington DC has Dance/MetroDC, Philadelphia has PhiladelphiaDance and North Carolina has the North Carolina Dance Alliance, just to name a few. None of their programming is identical, but all these organizations help communication among dancers and about the dancing in their regions.

We have so much dance to talk about, Atlanta, but where is the conversation? In the past, there have been attempts to get talking with the Atlanta Dance Initiative and Dance Georgia, among others. There are still murmurs of these, but not loud enough! The momentum just didn't last. Of course it didn't, most of us are dancing in addition to other jobs and so many other things in our busy lives, so fitting in that one extra thing is hard. So I'm putting this blog out here as an attempt to make it easier to try to get the conversation moving. Have two minutes as you drink your morning coffee? Throw in your two cents in a comment about someone else's post. Have a lot to say about something? Let me know and I'll post your thoughts!

I'm not trying to make this my own personal blog, but if someone doesn't start talking on a blog, there's nothing to say! So consider this an online ice-breaker, in hopes that things will take off and I don't have to be the only one yammering away! And to clarify, this is Claire at Several Dancers Core, but it's not exactly a SDC project--we want to make space for everyone else to speak up, to open it up to ALL the dancers in Metro Atlanta: studios, companies, individual artists, in any and all genres. That's a lot of folks, so there should be a lot to talk about!

Will we ever have something as structured as those other places? Maybe not, but if we don't start talking, we'll never know what needs we have as a community that a service organization could fill! There are so many things going on in Atlanta dance! But how much do we actually talk to each other about what we're doing? Speak up and let's get this conversation moving!


  1. As an Atlanta dancer, this is much appreciated and you know I will be involved. I'll say something soon.
    Thanks Claire

  2. How does a group go about being added to the list?

    V. Paganus