Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dancing moms

I had a wonderful breakfast this morning with a friend and fellow dancer who is also mom of 2 kids. Her second is a boy just a month younger than my daughter. We commiserated on how difficult it is to dance with kids, the usual time constraints of parenting (we hadn't found time to meet each other's newest additions--the first year is rough!) in addition to the obvious physical issues (how far did my abdominal wall stretch when I was pregnant?!) Tabloids are full of photos of celebrities who look exactly the same "2 weeks after the birth of child X" or what not. I'm assuming they must have to hire about 5 people to help them make that happen: cook, nanny, personal trainer at least!
So for those of us who can't afford to hire a staff (hello, we're dancers!) and are trying to do it all ourselves...what are your feelings on trying to keep dancing? Are you still teaching? creating? performing? I've seen other friends who gave it up, and yet others who keep a company going in spite of the insanity. I'm feeling like my performing days are definitely numbered, though I'd love to keep taking class (haha, I say "keep taking" as if I'm making it now.) Any thoughts out there from Atlanta dancer/moms?

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