Friday, May 21, 2010

Slow summer?

So we're officially into summer, in which most dance folks take off after a busy season and possibly attend workshops and the like. Is that true? Let me know what's up if you've got things going on. And you can always post on the DanceATL Facebook page with events!
And I haven't posted anything in a week, sorry about that. But there certainly is less going on to post. I did, however, go ahead and update the google calendar at It's got seasons for the ATL Ballet, Ferst Center and Rialto in there and the ongoing classes are still listed. An idea for June's meeting, instead of having a panel discussion, how about we all take turns telling each other what we're doing next season? Put up a big paper calendar and write everything we know of on it. My intern who'll be back in the fall (unless there's someone who wants to help out for the summer, please??!) can then just go ahead and enter it on the calendar. And I think that will spark some discussion, just talking about what we're going to be doing. What do you guys think?

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