Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fun and too much to do

Just sharing this because, I mean, how can you not be impressed at these guys squeezing themselves into a car?

Otherwise, there are so many things on my to-do list, but not so much on the "done" part of that checklist, I'm afraid. Things I wish I were posting here include:
  • notes from the Dec. meeting, 
  • announcement on where the Feb. meeting will be (we're still aiming for Feb. 6! and we're talking about health--but WHERE?), 
  • a copy of the enews I sent out the other week, 
  • info on recent performances/coverage of dance, 
  • and the date we hoped to launch the website has come and gone (again). 
Gee that's a long list and it's not even everything! Bad weather and illness don't help. That and the fact that I've only got like 50 other things going on. But don't we all? So I'll see what I can do here in a sec on the links to coverage...not so sure I can do much on the others tonight.

A WABE spot from "City Cafe" with Full Radius Dance that came out before their recent show "Walking on my Grave".

A preview of Project 7's recent "Wall to Wall" from Andrew Alexander in Creative Loafing's Culture Surfing blog.

Urban Bush Women preview/interview with Jawole Willa Jo Zollar from by Daryl Foster, and another with Andrew Alexander at Creative Loafing, and yet another quick interview, "3 Questions" with Lynn Peisner from the AJC.

Step Afrika! preview/interview with C. Brian Williams on by Cynthia Perry.

I'll keep ya posted (haha, blog humor) on the rest as I hopefully can check things off the list (I may have another intern starting soon...that would help!) Please post comments of things I missed in the link department, and please plan to come to the dancer health meeting on Feb. 6 in the afternoon/evening--and I'll get you that time/place detail soon, really! (sigh) Thanks! Yay dance!

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