Friday, July 29, 2011

Dance in July, what you've missed and some you haven't seen yet

Catching up on some of the things that have been written/uploaded about dance in Atlanta in the last few weeks. Please comment with links to things I've missed!
  • PLOT: 
  • gloATL Liquid Culture
    • Andrew Alexander's review, preview of MARTA station "station" and preview of the whole project, 
    • Cynthia Perry's preview and review (check out some of the comments on the review for some controversy...)
  • NBAF DanceAfrica: preview from Andrew Alexander 
  • Gardenhouse Dance: Andrew Alexander's preview of Origami 
  • The 3D Mariinsky Giselle (of 12 3D ballets apparently in production around the world, so you can catch another one pretty soon) was in movie theatres July 12 and Andrew Alexander reviewed it. 
  • Serenbe Playhouse The Ugly Duckling is still playing, and Wendell Brock reviewed it as "theater" on ArtsCriticATL but Joanna Brooks choreographed the dance parts of the show, so I figure we can include it here.

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