Friday, September 9, 2011


The DanceATL website has gone live! FINALLY! So it's always a work in progress because you know, it's a website. So please keep sending your information and please let us know when old information is outdated. And we'll do our best to keep it up to date. If there's something else you'd like to see that's not there, tell us. The platform is built but still flexible (we can add more pages etc.) We want to be a useful resource for dance in Atlanta, so please USE it!

And did you see it, the COVER STORY about dance in Creative Loafing?? I'm totally stoked about this because it's a lot of great exposure for dance here in town in a thoroughly researched and beautifully composed article by Andrew Alexander. Yay!

On another note, I meant to link to BURNAWAY's "Art Crush" Interview with Malina Rodriguez and Danny Davis in the last post. Since I didn't add it then, here it is now. Enjoy!

Oh, and a couple of other quick notes. October 2 will be the next bi-monthly meeting. Out at KSU this time where students in the dance program will perform and we'll talk with local presenters about their connections with the community. I haven't made it out to see their new space yet, so I'm looking forward to getting the tour.

And, there's been some feedback that folks would like a meeting that isn't on Sunday afternoons, and so I've found us a space (thank you Atlanta Contemporary Art Center) and I was going to pick a time, but if you have an opinion on what day during the week you'd be able to join us for a lunch meeting to talk about dance, please let me know (or comment). I'm also trying to decide if these should be an extension of the same topic that happened on the Sunday afternoon meeting, sans performance (fitting it into an hour and a classroom space) or an ongoing topic of some kind, or totally separate topics, if you have an opinion on that too, please let it be known!

Yay dance!

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