Monday, October 3, 2011

Oct. 2 meeting notes: Atlanta dance presenters and the community

First off a big thank you to Ivan and Kennesaw State University Dance Program for hosting our meeting in their beautiful new studio space, and to Jenna Knight from the Ferst Center for organizing the topic and leading the discussion.
Jenna: new director at Ferst a former prof dancer, dedicated to bringing in cutting edge contemporary dance, walk line between selling tickets and challenging the audience
This season 4 artists:
  • Aszure Barton and Artists, rarely touring co, ATL premiere, “Busk” and “Blue Soup” 
  • Joe Goode Perf. Group , Fri Feb 3, “The Rambler” 
  • Bridgeman/Packer Dance, Feb. 25, technology and dance, ATL premiere“Double Expose”
  • Pilobolus, Sat. Mar 16 
Master classes with all artists this season, free and open: first one this Fri Oct 7 at 10 am with Aszure Barton and Artists

Renovation at Ferst, open up new perf spaces, 1200 seat house currently but will have smaller spaces coming, rehearsal studio, all beginning maybe April 2013
Drama Tech and Ferst will work more together to share the space

Malina Rodriguez with Dance Truck: began two yrs ago with Le Flash, 18 or 19 performances, presented more than 60 artists, mostly in ATL, also brought in folks from NY, OR, MS
Show ATL dance to new audiences here and take these artists out to other festivals: PICA most recently in Portland, also other artists presented. First international group presented at PICA: Off Site Dance Proj. Japanese site specific dance co.
collaborating and partnering with local galleries, spring up at unsuspecting places to show the glory of ATL dance, success mixing visual arts with dance community and having collaborations sparked through exposure with the dance truck
Crossover nov 5 art on the beltline, near Stein Steel in Reynoldstown
Bobbi Jo brooks, photographer has a show based on dance images of dancers in dance trucks, Genema Gallery at ChristChurch Arts, opening Fri Nov 18
High museum in Jan for college night: focus on the dance programs in colleges
Dirty south tour coming up to MS, NOLA and NC
11.11.11 dance truck moving pictures, screen and projector with dance films “Spectacular Spectacular”, hopefully in The Arts Exchange next to MITS

The Lucky Penny, Blake Beckham and Malina together, ideas that "don’t fit in trucks" with these two Presenting local artists and out of town guests Jill Sigman from NY, Alisa Mittin, T Lang, talk with Gardenhouse, and more, plus Wonderroot for poetry readings, all ends up w a dance party
Building artist across disciplines and generate dance enthusiasm
Be the bridge between young choreographers and more established presenters, providing opps for local artists to hook into network, figuring out where they fit in the community
Partnering with Emory for the Dance for Reel on Oct. 25, animation artist Miwa Matreyek and Cloud Eye Control

Kyle Stapleton at Rialto Center at GSU, it's their 95th birthday (15th at GSU), 4 dance shows this season:
  • ASHPHALTE, hip hop and technology, Oct. 30 5 pm, master class JD Sims 
  • Ron Brown, N Springs class
  • Off the EDGE, week long series of events “swarm” Lauri Stallings, Jan 23-28 o 27-28 with guest artists at Rialto: Lar Lubovich, Gallim, River North, Kegwin, Zoe Juniper, 
    • Roundtable with Sue Schroeder on Thursday, 
    • EDGE Public call for submissions 
    • EDGE 2D, photo exhibition 
    • EDGE Backstage, students 12-15 yr for backstage
    • Host artists BCD, Ballethnic, KSU, Emory, Dance Canvas, CORE, Full Radius 
    • Hoping it will be annual
  • Trey McIntyre, N Atlanta class
Ask Laverne Perry about master classes
SouthArts: new grant program for preplanning residency activities, fund travel and expenses to preplanning residency

Zoe Juniper: Lucky Penny would like to help with the backstage part, a lec/demo

Ivan at KSU: students show (and apparently all the dance programs around town) Nov 16-19 "Paquita +III", Lauri Stallings staging a work, Sandra and Ivan creating, then spring student concert 100 dance majors since 2009, students performing and choreographic
Partnership with Atlanta Ballet and gloATL and Cobb Energy,

Emory: faculty and guest artists presenting their casual showing with discussion with choreographers, great teaching tool The Georgia Ballet, Gershwin and Act III Sleeping Beauty in Oct.

What would your ideal scenario with presenters and residencies?
Production support for local or emerging or established choreographers in town, is it possible to fit that into your programming

How do the new grads get involved and engaged? Competitive to get FLUX…what else?

What do you look for when you’re bringing in dance? Not so much names, except maybe one in the season as an anchor, curatorial idea comes from director, integrity of art, will it fit into our season, what are the technical costs and fees

Project 7 with competitive dance training and commercial dance: showcases at conferences, ready to tour, regional ones are smaller Booking conferences are still key, browsing some at them but with specific in mind NPN with 7 Stages, presenting one dance show this year

What kind of interactions besides master classes would you like to have with the artists? Onur, curating Turkish festival of dance film and some live, sometimes week intensive or even year long creative period Jonah Bokaer creating new work ARTech an example of this from last year at Ferst
Can local artists observe the rehearsal process?
Growth is happening but there are growing pains, we want more but many of us still have 5 day jobs too
Social situation meeting with artistic directors from local groups and the visiting artists
Discounts to performances for students and other economic help
Students are required to do internships for a semester for the major, a lot teach: send Ivan an email with the details, evaluation for academic credit half price tickets to most dance shows at Ferst
Lucky Penny would like to have a space eventually

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