Thursday, June 21, 2012

More thoughts on our "crash course"

So did you know that there is a national Dance Critics Association? Yep. And their annual conference is starting today in NYC. And so I figure they might have some good ideas for us while we're headed into the design of the "crash course" for writers. And sure enough, they have a whole list of questions to help approach a dance review. And then at the bottom it says those are only by permission (even though they're online...), so I guess I won't link to it here and now (but you can find it on their site). I'll see about getting permission and then maybe I can post, and hopefully give to writers attending the "crash course".
Part of that packet of info will also be a short description of all the local companies we're aware of. So if you see this and you're someone who performs here in town, please add a note to your to do list to get us a tiny (really, 2 sentences or your mission statement max) description. Or else we'll have to make up what to say about you (muhahaha!!)
We are also going to be trying to compile a short but hopefully useful glossary of some common dance terms. Probably good for anybody who's going to be talking to dancers about what they do, really, not just this crowd. Terms like "master class", "pointe shoe,""contact improvisation" and "side lighting" perhaps. What terms do you think would be useful to include?

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