Wednesday, December 3, 2014

GloATL: Gestures that soon will disappear: 4th BODY


Gestures that soon will disappear: 4th BODY
a hybrid form performance Exhibition
glo + Paper-Cut-Project collaboration

Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia

free and public

A hybrid form that experiments with new ways of performance inhabiting art spaces
and MOCA GA PREMIERE. gestures that soon will disappear is composed of assemblies
of ephemera, sound, paper, archival images, video and human interaction, deployed
through performative forms such as migrating choirs, anthems and moving sculptures
striving to rethink performance in museums as a creative experience for surprise response and shifting forms.

In dialogue with the entire museum, Lauri Stallings, glo and visual artist Maggie
Davis, photographers Thom Baker and Joe Dreher, fashion designer Maggie Dinkins 
and sound designer Tanner Smith, mix the outside/inside spaces and galleries with
phase II of gestures that soon will disappear, originally a roaming public work 
(July 2014) that wrestles with the poles of Stallings' practice: participation and
choreographic. The work begins the moment people encounter it and is presented continuously
during the daily operating hours of the museum, persisting over 9-weeks and inspired
to produce meaning and value through action, rather than objects.
thru December 20, 2014

presented by Museum of Contemporary Art Georgia

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