Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dance across the categories in CL's "Best"

I'm copying an email below from Joanna Brooks, artistic director of brooks & company dance. The idea is to have all the dance lovers in Atlanta vote in Creative Loafing's "Best of Atlanta" (deadline is July 31) not just for their own companies in the "Best Dance" categories, but to put dance in as many other categories as we can creatively fit it! Make the editors notice that there's a voice for dance in Atlanta! Comment and let us know of other places you can think of to add dance to the categories. Have fun with it!
And thanks to Joanna for the shout out for the Best Local Arts Blog!
I'm adding my suggestions here:
  • New thing about Atlanta: Every new dance piece created here
  • Local Athlete: dancers
  • Free thing to do in Atlanta: (ok, I'm going to put in an SDC suggestion here...but feel free to add any free event your group produces) Several Dancers Core's "Lunchtime in the Studio"
  • Annual event: Modern Atlanta Dance Festival, Inman Park Dance Festival
  • Local YouTube video: insert your favorite local dance on youtube here (SDC's videos)
  • Place to score affordable art: local dance performances
  • Local Singer/Songwriter: (another SDC plug) Dee Adams accompanying CORE Performance Company's THREE
  • Uplifting news story: Dance-related (e.g. Katrina, Katrina Love Letters to New Orleans, by PearsonWidrig presented by SDC)
And from Joanna:
"Howdy, folks!

I just had a few ideas about the Creative Loafing BEST of ATLANTA voting that could bring some more attention to dance here...

Of course we all have our personal alliances for Best Dance Company and Dance Performance, (and OF COURSE I'd love to have everyone vote for brooks & company dance and CRUX, respectively) but there are some neutral categories we might be able to agree on and get some attention for dance in are a few suggestions! Most are strictly dance-related but I threw out some other options for the ones that aren't.

AND...the cool thing about this year is that you can go back to your ballot once they have sent you a the confirmation email! You can also vote from each different email address so let's make the Creative Loafing readers take a look at DANCE!

Most Underrated thing About Atlanta: Dance

Best Arts Event: Modern Atlanta Dance Festival

Best New Trend: Dance

Local Arts Website: Atlanta Arts Critic, Atlanta PlanIt or Atlanta Performs

Local Arts Blog: Atlanta Dances

Here's the link:

Good luck to all the companies and happy voting!

-Joanna Brooks-

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