Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Getting up to date

So I've missed posting a few things because of a trip out of town, etc. We didn't have a big turnout for the DanceATL meeting, as expected, there were too many other things going on. Including brooks & company dance's beltline performance (preview posted belatedly here from and Beacon Dance at Eyedrum. But we had a good discussion, some of it on topic about the idea of a dance pass through DanceATL. One suggestion was more of a cupon book that folks could buy for a small price that would offer discounts to shows (and possibly other things that go along with it like restaurants close to venues etc.) This version is of course much less complicated that creating some sort of centralized ticketing. (Not to mention AtlanTIX is around for those companies that are members of ACPA.)

Another question that arose was whether we needed to discount things at all or merely bundle them together somehow. Everyone likes discounts from an audience perspective, but on the other hand we don't want to devalue our art, especially just the local productions, which tend to be less expensive than larger venues' productions who have to pay to bring companies from out of town. We don't want to encourage the idea that the local dance is less "worthy" than the imported-- but without the discount what's the incentive to buy a dance pass?

Also, on the calendar issue, we decided that it seems that the first weekend of many months is much less crowded event-wise than later ones, so we'll be holding the DanceATL bi-monthly meetings on the 1st Sunday of every other month, starting Aug. 1. We're looking for a space and a short performance--anyone like to host the meeting and perform? There was also the suggestion of having a community class taught by the performing group/choreographer some other time during that same month. Just to let people experience each other's work from the inside, and hopefully to help build community as we move together as well.

Also another article from about this past weekend's happenings. This time about Zoetic's Choreography showcase and specifically about CORE Concert Dance Company's (led by Bala Sarasvati, from Athens) work in it.

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