Friday, June 18, 2010

Next meeting, June 27

So the next DanceATL meeting will be Sunday, June 27 at 7 pm at CORE  Studios in Decatur. Gathering Wild will be performing. I've already sent out an email and I hope some folks can make it, but as people responded, I've found out it wasn't really the best weekend because there's a lot going on. I'm glad there is, I just should've paid more attention before choosing to have the meeting then! The discussion for the meeting with be just that same issue--I want to get all the event info for next season that you guys have already so we can put it all on a big calendar and see what's up. Maybe we can plan the next few DanceATL meetings so they don't conflict with as many things? And then of course I'll also have all the events (that are confirmed dates at least) to put on the google calendar too. And we can also discuss the possibility of DanceATL creating a Dance Pass for all or part of the season. Sound good?

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