Monday, February 14, 2011

Advocacy call: NEA Funding Cuts

From Flora Maria Garcia at the Metro Atlanta Arts and Culture Coalition:
Yesterday, the House Appropriations Committee revealed details of what some of the cuts will be in their proposed budget package and they include cutting the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) budget to $155 million this year. That's a substantial cut from its currently funded level of $167.5 million.

The battle begins next week when the House Continuing Resolution appropriations package comes to the floor. Each and every one of your Representatives will be voting on possible amendments attempting to make even deeper cuts to the NEA's budget, beyond the $155 million level. It is quite possible members of the Republican Study Committee will offer amendments to fully eliminate the NEA during floor consideration.  Americans for the Arts need you to send a message to your Members to vote against any amendments to further cut the NEA.

Because of these threats in the House, Americans for the Arts are simultaneously working on the Senate strategy; where there may be a better chance to approve a higher funding level for the NEA and counter the cuts in the House version of this bill. 

By taking two minutes today to send a customizable message the E-Advocacy Center,  letters will be sent automatically on your behalf to both your Senators and your House Representative.  This will ensure that your voice will be heard by Members of Congress (especially freshmen members), who are now assessing their constituents' viewpoints on these budget cuts.

Click here to take action now: Click

Also be on the lookout for our alert on President Obama's official FY 2012 budget submission to Congress on Monday, February 14. While that budget is for a different fiscal year than the CR that we'll be dealing with next week, it will signal to the House and Senate the President's funding intentions for the very same agencies that Congress is considering cutting.


  1. We, as a nation, are deep in debt, and we need to make cuts. I don't know how to calculate the right amount, but a 7.5% cut to the NEA seems reasonable.

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