Thursday, May 19, 2011

A backlog and previews

So there's been a LOT of dance happening the last few weeks and I haven't been keeping up with posting. Kind of happens a lot, so here goes on the catch up again (which will not be all-inclusive because there's a bunch I haven't posted. Feel free to add more links that I missed to the comments.)

Here are some more articles from earlier (I think I'm backed up at least through April...):
Full Radius presented the 17th Annual MAD Festival, which was previewed in CL and garnered this review from Cynthia Perry at ArtsCriticATL.

Gathering Wild presented 27 with a CL preview (shameless plug: yes, I was in this one and if you missed it we're doing a revamp sometime this fall, so stay tuned!)

That first weekend in May was nuts. Here are a couple of round up articles for that rodeo: from Andrew Alexander in Creative Loafing and Cynthia Perry in And here's a Magnetic Drift preview from CL. I have to say that it's really great that Wonderroot has gotten into dance by presenting this show. I hope they continue to support local dance with the same energy they lend to other artistic forms.

gloATL has been busy, with their Chapter III: This is a World (review and slideshow at CL, preview and review at ArtsCriticATL) at The Goat Farm, which they announced will be their permanent home. Have you guys been there? When I went by to take the dance table (alas, couldn't make the show) there were chickens that my two-year-old sang to, but no goats. And gloATL dancers are also part of the Lemony Snicket show with the Atlanta Symphony.

More recently, Atlanta Ballet's Ignition had a photo spread preview and a review by Andrew Alexander in Creative Loafing and a review at

And for something actually timely, this weekend here are shows that I know of:
Zoetic's Catch and Release it the fountains at Centennial Park and Catellier Dance Project's Tempo: A non-fiction dance performance is at Emory. And there's a Dance Truck performance also at The Goat Farm this weekend as part of the Southern Swap Meet.

And in the realm of the upcoming season, here's a preview of GA Tech Ferst Center's line up for 2011-12. Some interesting dance choices. And the ARTech residency will be music, not dance this year. But here's a preview and review from Cynthia, and Andrew too on this year's ARTech residency culmination with Jonah Bokaer creating FILTER (back to early April again here).

Yay dance!

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  1. As I suspected, there were a few I missed in this list. To fill in some holes, here's one more preview of "Ignition":

    Pierre Ruhe has written a preview of the Lemony Snicket event:

    And Pierre's news story on GloATL's new home: