Sunday, May 15, 2011


So how many people saw the Martha Graham 117th birthday Google doodle? It seems like everyone on Facebook did. It was pretty cool. Very nice for Google to pay tribute to a dance luminary, and with animation no less! (most of the other Google doodles I've seen are stationary.) For those of you who  missed it (or just want to see it again) here's a link to it. And while you're on Vimeo check out the dance animation, Thought of You, by the same artist, Ryan J. Woodward. I don't think I've ever seen dance animated like that before (without elephants in tutus or something) and I like how it uses both mediums together for full effect.

Also on technology (and google) there were some issues with blogger being down that same day so I didn't get to post this until now (not that it was down the whole time. I really only had the chance to try once while it was.) Since of course, it's not like I post all that regularly of late anyway. The summer will ironically mean more time to post, with fewer dance events in town to post about. So it goes. Happy summer everyone!

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