Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Cool dance stuffs"

Catching up on some things and because it's summer I'm not nearly as behind as I often am. So...previews (actually before the events! don't expect it guys, sorry, but during the season this won't happen) in Creative Loafing for Dance Truck at the MINT Gallery, gloATL's upcoming, and Gardenhouse Dance at the Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center.
And something upcoming for me too, is the Dance/USA conference. I'm heading up to Chicago with all the dance folks from all over the US to talk about what we do for a few days next month. I haven't been to one of these particular conferences before but I've heard they're good from the folks who have been. I'm also taking part in their inaugural mentorship program as a mentee (you can see the list here, though don't take the names as they're listed in the boxes to mean anything...we're not actually matched that way, it's for some reason alpha by last name on the mentees and first name on the mentors!) The other mentees are in CA, NY, DC and Chicago it looks like. Should be interesting to meet everybody and learn what they do, and of course the feedback of a mentor should be extremely valuable. We're supposed to meet with our mentors at the conference and then commit to speaking at least two hours per month for the next six months. Looking forward to some sage advice from the field. :)

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