Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Coverage: for us and the rest

So since my last wrap up of articles covering Atlanta's dance, it hasn't been quite as busy as that first weekend in May, but the rest of the month was none too shabby, with performances every weekend. Not this but next weekend is one of the first in a long time that I don't know of anything going on (and if I'm wrong, please please correct me!) And after that, it's good to see that there are things going on through June and July, just not every weekend, or so many shows at once. So everyone enjoy taking a breath, getting out into the heat and celebrating summer with some yummy watermelon or ice cream, and maybe doing some dance workshops/intensives, and we'll get back together August 7 for the next DanceATL meeting! (We don't have anything lined up yet, so if you have ideas for topic, performers, space, etc. please contact me at
To cover what I've not posted yet (as always, cannot promise I've caught it all):
Cynthia Perry attended our June 5 DanceATL meeting about "Approaches to Choreography" (you can see the notes I just posted below) and wrote up her thoughts for Thanks, Cynthia, for joining us at the meeting and attributing an "upswing in creativity" to DanceATL (and I chuckle a teeny bit at being a "support group" for dancers--feeding the addiction rather than curing it! :)

Zoetic's "Catch and Release" at Centennial Park had a review from Andrew Alexander in Creative Loafing, Ms. Perry in ArtsCriticATL, and an interesting view (and of course fantastic photos) from photographer John E. Ramspott in Burnaway.

The last weekend of May had a quick preview in CL, mentioning Dance Truck at MondoHomo and the Decatur Arts Festival's New Dance festival.

And for what's coming up, you can visit for the calendar (and possibly maybe even the "real" website soon...though I keep promising it and it keeps eluding us, so you'll find out when it happens) and if you'd like to join the newsletter list for updates on performances, workshops and more (going out sort of monthly, or sometimes more if there's more to send) you can email and ask to subscribe.

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