Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Celebration time!

I hope everyone had a really great Thanksgiving! I did, right after CORE had our Navigating the Hallway show, which together with the holiday means it's been a while since I've posted anything...and I'm not going to catch up on everything right now. Sorry!

But I would like to put out a last minute invitation to join us for a holiday party (with optional ice skating) in lieu of our regularly scheduled meeting this Sunday, December 4 from 4-6 pm at Park Tavern. Very low key gathering there, and not expecting big crowds, frankly, since it's so last minute. But if you don't mind letting us know if you'll be coming with an email to (Just in case it's a bigger group and we might need to arrange things.) Being Southern, I personally have only ice skated once in my entire life (on a first date in college...) but Aly really wants to skate, so why not? It's fun, right (despite the bruises!)

And for the more business-oriented meeting, we have a space at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center (thanks for hosting, ACAC!) on Thursday, January 12 from noon to 1 pm. to discuss Off the EDGE and Atlanta Spaces.  Bring a lunch and we'll discuss the EDGE events in late January and their relationship to the community, and the development of the Atlanta Spaces project with our partners at C4. And the next meeting in February is totally up in the air as of yet (hm, does that mean it's time to get aerial dancers involved? haha, I'll look into it!)

Yay dance and happy holidays!

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