Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dance criticism...some of it and opinions about it

A post on The Ballet Bag about "The Future of Dance Criticism" has a funny take to close the article--criticism as therapy? This, she says, is because you feel better when you can argue with the critic. The author's point really, though, is that the professional critic these days holds some measure of attention not because they're respected as an authority due to their position at a printed publication (such as in the past) but more because they are a consistent voice in the midst of all the faster and louder internet noise. This would've been true before too, that in reading reviews to many shows over time by the same writer, you can come to know this person's "prejudices and partialities" as the author puts it, and can judge if you'd like a show based on your understanding of their taste. If you know that a person's taste is totally opposite of yours in many ways, if they pan a show, you can guess you'll probably love it, and vice versa.

And on that note, whether you agree with them or like to get your therapy from arguing with them, here are some recent press pieces for dance in town.

Reviews for Atlanta Ballet's recent performance of The Four Seasons and EDEN/EDEN (previews are in the previous post):
Georgia Ballet's Gershwin evening, specifically Balanchine's "Who Cares?", reviewed by Cynthia Perry.

Dance Canvas has announced the choreographers chosen to be part of this season's showcase performances on Jan. 20-21 at the 14th Street Playhouse.

Creative Loafing's fall arts issue focused on artists in various genres, and the "spritely" Helen Hale was the profile they included for dance.

There's also a preview from Andrew Alexander for last Sunday's show at the Rialto, ASPHALTE, by the French "compagnie derniere minute" with choreography by Pierre Rigal. And a  preview by Catherine Maddox in CL for Atlanta Dance Connection's show last weekend, "Dark Allure".

And for upcoming Art on the BeltLine events by a slew of dance companies, Andrew says we dancers are starting stage one of our takeover of the city. Yay dance!

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