Thursday, January 12, 2012

Off the EDGE schedule

So, you may have all heard something about the contemporary dance event Off the EDGE that's coming to Atlanta (the Rialto and beyond) on Jan. 23-29. Perhaps you even applied to be part of EDGE/Public, just one part of the events that will be going on. Well, now there's a schedule of pretty much everything in a single PDF! To try to clarify what you're seeing:
  • the whole shebang focuses on the two performances at the Rialto Center for the Arts on Jan. 27-28, each night a different program. There are student prices and tickets to both nights together are less than purchasing individually, but at this point there's no industry discount to be had. 
  • that EDGE/Public I mentioned are site-based works that will be located outside in Woodruff Park right by the Rialto in the hour and a half before the mainstage performances begin. Some are local dance groups like Full Radius Dance, Staibdance, Wabi Sabi and LIFT, and others are artists who work in other mediums. I'll refer you to Cynthia Bond Perry's write up on ArtsCriticATL for more details on this.
  • there are three talks (EDGE/Zak) with panels on various topics made up of artists (not all are dancers) including a mix of those from here and those visiting 
  • there are a whole slew of artist-to-artist interactions (EDGE/Artist Residencies) for you intermediate/advanced dancers out there. Think master classes with a little more focus on process than technique in most cases. (I'd also like to add CORE's artist-to-artist interaction with a dancer from Lar Lubovitch Dance Company that's listed as TBA will be Jan. 28 from 10:30-12. Unfortunately, it overlaps with another class. The visiting dancers just aren't here for enough time to fit it in any other time. More on that at CORE's site probably tomorrow if I can get it done before the DanceATL meeting!)
  • EDGE/Backstage lets high schoolers and others with an interest in theatre tech but not much hands-on experience get, well, backstage. They'll have a chance to see what the tech crews are up to at the Rialto in the very packed days leading up to the performances
  • and through it all is a residency with Rina Schenfeld, Israeli dance legend whose bio is posted on the KSU site because she'll be teaching there that week (classes are open but you need to let Ivan Pulinkala know you'd like to attend). She's also giving a talk at Emory and performing a showcase at Goodson Yard (see the schedule for details.) 
So if you can make it tomorrow to the DanceATL meeting from noon to 1 p.m. we'll be talking about all this and more! DanceATL wants to make sure we can have a presence at as many of these events as possible to let people know we're here. So, if you have cards for any upcoming events, please get them to us now so we can have them for the dance table that travels to lots of these (hopefully well-attended) events! Contact for more info on how to get them to us. But for questions on this whole EDGE thing, I'll let you go to the source and email Yay dance!

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  1. thanks Claire, this is so helpful! Sorry to have missed today's meeting, Amy rehearsal ;)