Thursday, January 26, 2012

Super DANCE Sunday?

So the next DanceATL meeting is supposed to be on Feb. 5. Which also happens to be Super Bowl Sunday. I don't know that the dance community is hugely into football, but I don't want to generalize too much either. (I seriously wouldn't have known it was even coming up except that a neighbor invited us to a party for it.) That combined with the fact that I really haven't planned this meeting yet (!) leads me to the conclusion that we should move that meeting back at least a week. Actually, looking at the calendar, with the Atlanta Ballet's new Twyla Tharp premiere running and Kyle Abraham at Emory, I'm tempted to move it as far as Feb. 26. Any objections? Any suggestions for performers or topics?
The next daytime meeting is scheduled for March 22, noon-1pm, again at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center. Topic ideas for that one?
I have to say, performers and topics used to sort of hatch out of the ether for me. People would just let me know they were interested. But things are starting to slow down on these types of inspirations after almost two years(!) My thought is that perhaps we can shift the Sunday meetings to being more geared toward artistic questions and investigations, discussions among artists, and the daytime ones can be more business/admin oriented. Yes/no/maybe?
And I'm sorry that I haven't caught up on my overview listing local dance writing in months! I might just have to go ahead and skip the end of 2011 and see what I can do to start over with 2012. It's on my list to-do. As is adding the notes from the last meeting. Maybe that I can do now.
And in the meantime, yay dance!

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