Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Critics' Picks for fall

So I'm catching up with some critics picks for the fall dance line-up:

The local fall picks from Cynthia Bond Perry ArtsCriticATL include the bigger, more classical companies like the Atlanta Ballet, Alliance Theater and Georgia Ballet, and the smaller like Dance Canvas and gloATL and the dance truck at Le Flash in Castleberry Hill (home sweet formerly-industrial-warehouse-turned-gallery-district!) I put "Come Fly with Me" in the ballet category even though it's Twyla Tharp. How do you categorize her work? Obviously it's a premiere so I haven't seen it, but a lot of what she did more recently for the American Dance Festival has been very balletic, and she does most of her work with classical companies and classically trained dancers, so we'll see how it turns out stylistically when she revisits Sinatra.
Some of the same from the AJC including Parsons Dance Company dancing to rock opera at the Ferst Center. I do have tickets to this one (hey, taking advantage of that student discount as long as my hubby's at Tech!) Parsons is always athletic, great dancers goes without saying, but their last show at the Ferst stayed very monotone--all upbeat and frisky, not much texture or emotional range. It should be fun nonetheless!

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