Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Thanks to the folks who have dropped off their flyers with me at SDC! We should have all sorts of good materials for our next dance info tables, the first of which will be this Sunday at the Overture for the Arts at the Cobb Energy Center (need volunteers--it's an all day affair, anyone able to go in the morning? I have rehearsal.) And then we've been given the go ahead to put out a table during the "Come Fly with Me" run at the Alliance. Should we still try to "man" the table before shows? I think it does help to have someone there to answer questions, especially once we're going to have a great deal of information out for people to see.


  1. I'll do the first shift at Overture, I think set up is at 10? I can stay until 1-ish so maybe 2 others could split 1-5? Claire - could you meet me somewhere today to hand off the materials?

  2. Thanks, Aly! Anyone else available for the 1-3:30ish shift? I can be there for the last part.