Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dance info table at Decatur Book Festival

The first dance info table went up today at the Decatur Book Festival! Thanks to everyone who sent info to put out. Keep it coming for the fall, we've got more festivals and shows to get to. Let us know if there's a particularly good place you can think of to have a table present, too.
I set up in front of Several Dancers Core, which was hosting The Escape teen stage inside, so we were right in the thick of things there on the Square. Keif took some photos of the set up. (I'll see if she can get me and I'll post them.) I went ahead and used the SDC display board because that's where we were and I wanted to let people who were coming for the festival know what goes on in the space they were entering/passing. But the info on the table represented at least 6 or7 other artists/groups. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen and let's keep it going!

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