Monday, October 19, 2009

An article about watching dance for non-dancers

"Dance Class" is an interesting sort of primer for watching dance written by a reporter who was forced to attend dance regularly by a girlfriend. I think it's unfortunate that dance is said to be "among the most mysterious and intimidating of art forms." But at least it's in the context of trying to give people a way to look at it rather than just a complaint (like that really old commercial for asprin, does anybody else remember this one, where the guy "gets a headache" at the thought of having to go to the ballet with his wife?) Also interesting that defining an arabesque is somehow important, though I like the comparison to architecture to describe the ideal simplicity of line (isn't arabesque also an architectural term?) And interesting too that he enjoyed the theatricality of the Bill T. Jones work, because I often think of dance theatre pieces being more "cutting edge" and would therefore assume they are less accessible to non-dance audiences. So much for assumptions about what an audience sees, right? 

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