Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Review of "pour"

Here is Cynthia Perry's review of Lauri Stallings/gloATL in "pour" as part of Le Flash last Friday night. I have to say the one problem with this type of performance (especially when you're short!) is seeing anything in the crowd. Cynthia managed to stay close to the dancers the whole way. But if you went with the flow of the crowd like I did, it was only a fleeting glimpse every now and then of the dancers. I was in a site specific piece during ADF one summer where the crowd was led on a path by one person as the dancers performed a little farther off, so they could be seen. That might not have been possible, though, in the alleyways of Castleberry Hill rather than in the open space of Duke Gardens. It's ok though, like I said, I was enjoying being in the midst of a crowd who was interested in seeing dance!

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