Sunday, October 18, 2009

taking classes...

I got to take class again last week with CORE and plan to keep going. Yay! I've been sore and I'm still very out of shape (not having been doing any class since before Mirah, so more than a year! Unfortunately, the occasional rehearsal almost doesn't count.) It's funny how it works, to keep dancing having to take class all the time. It's something particular to dance to some degree (or other physical forms, obviously.) I had a friend in college who was working on a PhD who said "when do you stop taking classes and start teaching?" I guess that's what happens in other disciplines, but obviously with dance, you just keep taking classes, even if you do teach, (well, if you can fit it in.) Do you get to take class as much as you like? Are you teaching without being able to take class for yourself? If you only have time for one class a week, what do you take? Do you like other forms like yoga/pilates/gyrotonic in addition or in place of technique classes?
Would you like a list of dance classes around the area in our eventual website? Adult classes would be our focus, and professional level. Or do we include studios with beginner and kids classes too?

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