Thursday, April 15, 2010

More about the end of GCA--act now!

The email update I received this morning from GACAA:

GA Council for the Arts Budget Zeroed Out - Please Act NOW

The House Appropriations Committee voted yesterday to eliminate the Georgia Council for the Arts budget for FY 2011. GCA will not exist.
This means:

1 - Georgia will be the only state and territory that will have no state arts agency.

2 - We will lose the Grassroots Arts Program that ensures there is arts programming in every Georgia County.

3 - Georgia will lose tax money that is reinvested in our state through the National Endowment for the Arts. This money is entirely contingent on the GCA budget being at least $900,000. This money from the NEA funds programs in every Georgia County.
4 - We will lose even more jobs in this economic crisis.
If you value the arts in Georgia, please follow the "Take Action" link on this page to contact your legislators and make clear the impact of the loss of GCA funds to your organization and to our state. 
Remember that investing in the arts pays off both in tax revenue, jobs, tourism - it's one industry that is alive and well in spite of the overall economy.

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  1. There is an artists' march planned for MONDAY at 1 pm. Meet at the Rialto and walk to the Capitol. This is worth fighting for!!!!!!!!!!!!!