Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This weekend is HOT and next weekend is scalding!

Check out the list of performances for this weekend and next on (still just the google calendar...working on the rest of the website, again, please send info about classes, spaces etc.) I think we can split up the dance table stuff for this weekend, but next weekend there's just too much! Whew! So look for it this weekend at Anthology and Ground Delivery, and next weekend at the Emory Dance Company show (since the intern can take it easily since she's in it.) I think I can take it over to the Inman Park Dance Fest and Aly has Shorts 5. Can anyone cover any of the other shows? If so, let me know and we'll work out a rendezvous to get you the goods.
And to cap off all this lovely dancing, I'd like to invite you all to the 2nd DanceATL meeting on the evening of the 25th. If you're at the Inman Park Dance Festival you can come right after it, we're going to start around 7. Our speaker, Mr. Tom Bell, will be leading a discussion about dance coverage in town (with possible additional guests) and the performance will be by Project 7 Dance. Let's get some folks out (even if it's a bit last minute, sorry guys) and fill that big ole room with dancers and dance lovers on the 25th!

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