Monday, April 19, 2010

An Opportunity to Engage with the Arts Community at MONDAY's March - a message from Atlanta Artist, Blake Beckham

I'm not going to put her cell phone number up here, but I'm pasting the email. If you want to contact her, please do so via email or email me at to get her cell phone number. Hope to see you dancing at the Capitol tomorrow!

From Blake:

I'm writing to find out if you know about Monday's march on the capitol protesting the elimination of Georgia Council for the Arts. I am working with keif & friends to put together a guerrilla performance. If you are interested in sharing your work, please call my cell phone or email me back with yours.

Here's the idea:
Roll up a truck and park it downtown (Brought to you by Dance Truck). Activate it as a platform for performing arts. Dance, music, readings, to it all. Lets speak with our actions, make our work present. Heighten visibility. Show the vibrancy and diversity of arts across Georgia. Expect the unexpected. Viral videos and tweets shoot across town.
Today I will be doing the outreach to arts orgs and individual artists. Groups who want to participate need to CONFIRM with me or keif. There will be a check-in process at the truck (or another central location) so we can keep performers rolling on & off  - and the action going - 

Performers must be willing to use the raw space of the truck which will likely be 7 x 12 ft. Audio and tech specs are tbd. Right now we don't know if we'll have the capacity for plugging in bands. We're asking for offerings/happenings of five minutes or less to allow for lots of participation. If you really want to present something longer or conceptual, just let me know. 

If parking the truck turns out to be a bust, we'll move into the streets and on the steps. 

Please know that you will need to be open in terms of the time commitment. We meet at The Rialto at 1pm, and then will walk to the capitol. We don't really know what to expect in terms of the duration of the event after that.

If performing is not in the cards, I hope you will just ATTEND
CALL ME! I need help pulling this off and am very excited about the possibilities.

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