Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Busy weekend! Dance for Life Expo and DanceATL meeting

This weekend is a busy one! Saturday afternoon at Atlantic Station is the Dance for Life Expo, in conjunction with Nigel Lithgoe of So You Think You Can Dance's National Dance Day (see my earlier post). There will be performances by local studios and a dance competition with the routine you can find video to learn online at dizzyfeetfoundation.org. DanceATL will have the dance table set up in one of the tents, so you can drop by and see us if you make it by!

And Sunday is the DanceATL bi-monthly meeting at 7 at 7 Stages back space (the black box). The performance will be by Blake Beckham and the topic is "Let's Talk Tech" with Joseph Futral: "A conversation with Joseph Futral to explore and understand the technical theatre side of dance and help dance artists communicate with stage technicians and designers in order to produce the most professional performance possible. This is as much for dancers as choreographers and artistic directors. Everyone involved in a performance affects and is affected by the things considered "technical". 
You can grab drinks and snacks at JavaLords out front and it's $5 at the door or free if you're a DanceATL member! 

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