Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Double edged sword of gov't financing

Dance New Amsterdam in NYC is facing eviction. Here's an article about the situation that explains how the city's money helped build the new space DNA is in, only to turn around and pull the plug, leaving them in the lurch. You can see DNA's press statement and sign their online petition (or donate, of course!) on the DNA site. So as much as we all would love to see any new funding streams, including some of the ones proposed both by Atlanta a few years back (pre-recession, that's never gonna happen now) and at the state level in the recent session of the GA legislature (put your support behind it when it comes up again!) we need to also pay attention to whether the funds will be short-term or if we at least hope they can be sustainable. We (the arts community) will take either, of course, it's just a matter of planning to fit the available sources.


  1. And from the Examiner, more about DNA's plight and how the space in NYC is so hard to come by for dance. That's a good thing about ATL for finding the space to dance. It's not cheap but it's certainly cheapER than NYC rent!

  2. And I forgot the link :

  3. DNA had a dancing rally on the steps of NY's city hall. You can see them dance in the rain here: Though maybe they don't really want to show them they can dance anywhere, even in the rain--they might think they don't NEED the studio!