Wednesday, July 21, 2010

National Dance Day

So there's a movement, led by Nigel Lythgoe producer of So You Think You Can Dance and Dizzy Feet Foundation founder and Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes (D-DC), to make July 31 "National Dance Day". Here in Atlanta that day there's a Dance For Life Expo at Atlantic Station (and sponsors Fox 5, which airs SYTYCD and 105.7 The Groove) complete with performances, info tables and a dance contest where the winner wins a trip to LA to see SYTYCD live.

Yay for more dance exposure and attention. Two things I was wondering though, first, why is it a different day than the International Dance Day on April 29 (spearheaded by UNESCO's Dance Council since 1982)? And secondly, if events like this are supposed to be for amateurs who've never danced but also dance students and professionals, why is it during the summer when dance students are out of school (though possibly attending summer workshops if they're lucky :) and most professional companies are in the off-season? SYTYCD may be airing, but the rest of us aren't necessarily dancing all that much on July 31. The April date is much more in the thick of things as far as being recital and performance season generally. But, I guess having two days to celebrate dance, internationally and nationally, while proving we're out of synch with the rest of the world (or just that we don't want to compete with National Shrimp Scampi Day-no really, google April 29 and see what you get!), does mean there are two days to celebrate dance, so more attention for our favorite hobby/profession. The more the merrier, right?



  2. National Dance Week coincides with the April 29 International Dance Day...I always thought of it as sort of surrounding it.