Friday, August 27, 2010

DanceATL calendar

My fantastic intern, Arielle, will be coming back to do her magic on the DanceATL calendars ( here very soon. Because there's been a big lull anyway, and to make sure things are up to date, I'm going to clear out all the recurring classes that she had entered last season and we'll start afresh for the fall.
All the performance info you guys have sent will stay put. No worries. And please, if you haven't sent me performance info, why not? I mean, don't you want to be on the calendar? :) (I know, one more place to send it to. That's an interesting problem that I don't currently have a solution to, but if you have thoughts on how to work that out, please let me know!)
Also, planning on having the dance table out in front of CORE during some of the Decatur Book Festival. How much will depend on if anyone can help me staff it? I have a toddler who won't stand still with me for long, so please, take at turn? Tens of thousands of people to tell about all the great dance happening in Atlanta! And I'll send an email too, but get me your materials for the table by Sept. 3 please. Yay dance!

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