Thursday, August 26, 2010

Interesting traffic

So I've got google analytics on this blog and I'm intrigued about what happened at the end of July. National Dance Day and the Expo here in Atlanta apparently drew a lot of interest before the event. I know the only info online about it was pretty buried within other websites so the searches on that topic landed folks here. Which is great! I hope that helped get the word out about the event. What's kinda too bad is that we also had a dance table at the event and though it was rained out early, there should have been at least a few folks who saw it there. Yet the traffic after the event fell off drastically. So what we'd love to hope, that a bunch of folks saw the table and ran out to check out the blog, didn't happen. Though we don't really push the blog at the table so much as all the other events going on, so I guess it's not that surprising. I just hope the table does get more folks interested in dance and maybe turning out for some of the events around town. Whenever those start up again anyway (having kept up with the dance calendar for not quite a full season now, I will say August seems to take the cake on dead time! Calm before the storm, right guys??)
Anyhoo, just thoughts.

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