Saturday, August 1, 2009

Meet the press, from Amanda

Here's a post from Amanda Thompson from Zoetic.

Meet the Press

As voting for “Best Of” closes and we are furiously rounding up friends and family to support dance (Go Zoetic!) I thought it would be a good time to share my new press connection at the AJC, Jill Vejnoska. Jill wrote an article on my life as a planner/dancer for the Arts Section of the AJC and she highlighted a lot of issues that local dance companies struggle with. You can read the full article here

Jill was great to work with and although she was well versed in the Atlanta arts scene she had NO exposure to dance. Now is the time to remedy that! There has been a lot of change in staff and switching around of jobs so we aren’t dealing with the same reporters anymore and everyone is being required to step out of their specialty. I think there is an opportunity to promote the new collaborations that are taking place (like this blog) or dance in Atlanta in general.

I am willing to arrange a meeting (aka drinks) with Jill and other media types to introduce them to dance in Atlanta. Who else wants to be involved? How should we structure it? etc. etc.

Amanda Thompson
Zoetic Dance Ensemble

I'm all for getting together to host anyone from the press who's interested in dance and introducing them to all that's going on in metro Atlanta. Can this be added to our agenda for Dance Atlanta as an organization in some way as well? Would that be regular contact from Dance Atlanta in some form? To look to one of the existing organizations, I think Dance Source Houston sends press releases for its members, but I'm not sure if it's just to its entire mailing list that may include press, or if it's specific to a press list as well.


  1. A while back, I had a conversation with Tom Bell about doing an educational workshop or conference of sorts involving journalists and dancers. Many writers simply need to have the world of dance de-mystified a bit in order to feel they have an entry point. I'm happy to enter the dialogue on this one and share more ideas.

  2. Maybe we can reconnect with Tom after he's done with the Decatur Book Festival and see if it's a good time to try to get something like that together. And then perhaps it's something Dance Atlanta as an org could host on an annual or semi-annual basis, groups could talk about their seasons and have some sort of discussion about dance in general.