Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So I realized I haven't posted a single photo...and for a dance blog, that's kind of silly! So I'm just going to stick in a couple CORE and Gathering Wild photos because that's what I have, but please send me your photos! (Unfortunately, I don't think you can post them in comments, or I'd say you should include them with the info about upcoming events.) I'll stick a few photos up now and then to break up the text! And if you want to see more photos of CORE, you can go to the website or Facebook page.
CORE Performance Company photos: This one to the left is Blake Dalton and Claire Molla in last spring's THREE, photo by Lori Teague.
And below is Molly Perez, Kim Kleiber and Juana Farfan rehearsing in Amsterdam for Beppie Blankert's piece "Cumulus."

And this one is a (pre-baby) one of me from an old Gathering Wild performance, taken by Neil Dent.

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