Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Suggestions for Homework to Bring to the Table for Monday's FCAC Peer-to-Peer, from Joanna

I apologize for being so late to the meeting last Friday. If there was something that was discussed that might have relevance to this entry, feel free to fill me in. I'd also like to say that there is nothing wasteful about all of the dialogue surrounding Atlanta Dances* thus far...these are just some simple ideas to make efficient use of our time together.

Since the basic foundation has already been laid out in Aly & Claire's proposal HERE, I think that each of us should start by taking a look and assessing what have already been identified as goals. Here are a few suggestions, let's get some feedback. Please comment and if you guys decide this sounds like a good idea, let's commit to it!

1) We each personally rate the order of importance, relevance and attainability of each goal laid out in the proposal and then see where the common denominators are on Monday (or the next meeting if Monday's attendance is poor). This will not only narrow and intesify our focus, but ensure that everyone who wants to have input can and does.

2) We each come up with a single, clearly articulated goal for what we'd like Atlanta Dances* to become that is completely altruistic in nature (selling more tix to our individual organizations productions would NOT be an altruistic goal).

Again, these are just two little steps each of us can accomplish on our own so that we can have a little more focus in the dialogue when we are all together. I also think it would behoove all of us to take a moment to look at MAACC and other similar entities so that we are not duplicating services with what limited resources we have.

*As stated on Friday in regard to the name, I am of the opinion that the language we use in the name will become clear once we know what our core objectives are.

Looking forward to your thoughts!

Joanna Brooks
brooks & company dance


  1. Thanks for posting, Joanna!

    Another way to look at it is to prioritize the goals according to which ones we can accomplish now, with volunteer time alone (aka that you’d be willing to participate in to have happen) and which ones are for the future when we hopefully have more infrastructure in place.

    For those of you who don’t know, the Fulton County Arts council Peer to Peer dance meeting will take place on Monday 31st at 10 am and if you’d like to come, please drop me an email or comment with your email and I’ll forward it to the organizer. You don’t have to be working in Fulton Co. or a grantee to come to the meeting.

    I look forward to our discussion Monday!

  2. Hey all. I've communicated with Shantras Lakes, to ask her help in mediating the Monday conversation. Hopefully, her role will be
    1. keep us focused (subject matter and time)
    2. record all contributions
    3. help build consensus/conclusion

    The 3 questions I am interested in addressing are:
    1. What services to members of the community need most?
    2. What will this org. do that others are not doing?
    3. What would you be willing to pay, as a membership fee?

    Unfortunately, I have another meeting at 11 am which means I have to be out the door by 10:45 on Monday. I hope to participate fully in that limted time.

    As I've mentioned in various meetings, and a little bit here on the blog - my perspective and personal approach come back to 2 main things
    1) Supporting ARTistry above all else
    2) Sustainability through thoughtful planning, design, and business-sense

    Blake B

  3. Based on the formal consensus process that CORE uses, those three things you mention, Blake, are represented in meetings by a faciliator (who doesn't take part in the discussion) a notetaker (also doesn't take part) and a timekeeper. I think it might be hard for Shantras to do all three. It might be easier if someone else is willing to be notetaker or facilitator and let her just do one of those roles. (The facilitator can jump in the discussion if there's someone who's designated co-facilitator, to take it on while they're discussing.) We can see what everyone is comfortable with at the meeting as we begin. Thanks for your suggestions to try to keep us on track!