Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Some thoughts for the dancing blogsphere, from Blake

I am encouraged by the process of sharing our inquiries, notions, and aspirations. Here are some of mine, for what its worth:

Sustainability requires a lattice of support that extends beyond our audience. Certainly, many of us wish to develop a larger and more consistent base of patrons. But in focusing our efforts only there, perhaps we miss the opportunity to engage in a meaningful dialogue around the patronage of process. Who supports the development of work, to ensure its integrity? Who commits to the business of the work, including the necessary infrastructure and financing? Who invests in the methodology of the work, so that artists remain free to risk and sometimes fail? Without a purposeful approach to the sustainability of process, I'm afraid we can look forward to 1. sameness and 2. the anesthetizing of dance.

So how do we preserve and promote our art in Atlanta? The answer for me lies not in selling more tickets, or producing more advertisements. We have to unearth creative operational models that value artistry and protect process.

Blake Beckham
Performing Artist & Choreographer

Development Director, Moving in the Spirit
Using dance to help young people realize the potential for their lives

Dance Instructor, Agnes Scott College

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