Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dance Truck

So some of us went outside despite the cold for the Dance Truck yesterday evening--then to be, luckily, led inside where it was warm to watch the Gravediggers perform. (I think the best links with info about this project are all on Facebook, so if you're one of the two people out there not on FB, you may be out of luck.)
I set up what was an admittedly pitiful version of the Atlanta Dances/Dance Atlanta/DanceATL (just when I thought we'd decided on the name...but we WILL have to finally make up our minds soon because they're going to be making us a website!) dance table. If you have materials, get them to me PLEASE. The next event where we'll set up will be George Staib/Greg Catellier's show in a couple weekends and I'd love to have more info to put out there! Thanks guys! Yay dance!

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