Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year and New Decade!

Hi everyone!
Hope your holidays were warm and restful (that's something I've found isn't possible with a 14 month old, but it was fun nonetheless).
I'm re-posting links to Cynthia Bond Perry's Dance Magazine articles that Keif attached in a comment. They weren't active links in the comment so I'm re-posting so that you can follow them (though of course they don't have all the nice photos that are included in the print magazine, so I recommend checking that out too.:)
Atlanta Ballet article and the general dance scene article

And in other good news, I have found an intern from Emory who will be helping with the Dance Atlanta project during this coming semester. And there's also a project class at the Art Institute of Atlanta that will be taking on the design of a real website! I plan to have the intern contact folks to get information and photos/video we can use in the design of it.

I'm also hoping we will be starting our monthly meetings this month. Maybe I'll put up a poll here on the blog for times and days generally that work for the most people?

And of course, the dance table will continue. This is another reminder if you have any materials to get them to me for the table that will be at the Staib/Catellier show. Or let me know if you have other shows we should bring the dance table to.

Thanks to you all for making the Atlanta dance community as vibrant and exciting as it is. Here's to a year of continuing to build our community! Yay dance!

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