Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cedar Lake at Emory

Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet is performing Feb. 24-26 and Ms. Perry tells us 2 days are already sold out! A national/international dance company comes to town and performs in one of the really huge halls for a one-shot and it feels half-full...they come to Emory and perform in the Schwartz dance studio space...and always sells out way in advance (with people sitting on the floor!) What size house do we need around here for dance? Oh wait, that goes to the question about venue in general for dance, and wow, that's a doozie. Lots of folks use 7 Stages because the floor is sprung from back when it was Dancers Collective and the house is 200, reasonable for us local folks. For the new DanceATL website, I'm hoping to make a pretty comprehensive list of spaces that can be used for dance around town. If you'd like to share some info on where you have your performances, classes and rehearsals, please give me the contact info and the prices too. Then maybe it'll help to have a big list, maybe someone has been using a space someone else hasn't even thought of that would be a good fit!


  1. Emory Dance Program Director Anna Leo has informed me that tickets are still available for Wednesday. If you attend that evening, you can catch the pre-show lecture at 7:00 followed by Cedar Lake's performance at 8:00.

  2. Thanks for the update on tickets, Cynthia! Do you know who's giving the pre-show lecture?