Thursday, December 24, 2009

Atlanta's dance scene "exploding" in 2009

Top 5 dance in 2009, from AJC and Pierre Ruhe
And look for an article in January's Dance Magazine about us too! Thanks to Cynthia Bond Perry for bringing the summary of Atlanta's dance scene to THE national mag about dance.
And Happy Holidays everybody! Hope you're enjoying some good warm time with friends and family.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Nutcracker reviews

A couple of reviews of Atlanta Ballet's Nutcracker:
ArtsCriticATL review by Cynthia Bond Perry
Creative Loafing review by Curt Holman

Monday, December 14, 2009

Monthly dance meetings

So looking at our plan for DanceATL near the end of 2009, some things we've accomplished are: we have the blog here, we've been putting up the DanceATL table at shows (thanks to everyone who's hosted it!) and we've had a few small meetings with fellow dancers. With the new year we're thinking it would be a great time to start monthly meetings. Especially because those hosted by the Fulton County Arts Council, the Peer to Peer Dialogue: Dance, will no longer be happening (they're moving on to another discipline).
Charlotte Foster has graciously offered to host the January meeting late in the month at her Roswell Atlanta Dance Central. We had thought about having a loose topic for discussion for each meeting, at least to begin with, more a theme than an agenda. We had two suggestions so far, one was meeting about production, inviting tech people for discussion of producing dance (lighting designers, stage managers etc.) and the second was marketing dance (obviously more up my alley).
Do you all have thoughts on other topics? Or suggestions for when might be a good time for a good number of people to gather? Weekday evenings? Weekend days? Comment and let us all know! Thanks!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dancing moms

I had a wonderful breakfast this morning with a friend and fellow dancer who is also mom of 2 kids. Her second is a boy just a month younger than my daughter. We commiserated on how difficult it is to dance with kids, the usual time constraints of parenting (we hadn't found time to meet each other's newest additions--the first year is rough!) in addition to the obvious physical issues (how far did my abdominal wall stretch when I was pregnant?!) Tabloids are full of photos of celebrities who look exactly the same "2 weeks after the birth of child X" or what not. I'm assuming they must have to hire about 5 people to help them make that happen: cook, nanny, personal trainer at least!
So for those of us who can't afford to hire a staff (hello, we're dancers!) and are trying to do it all ourselves...what are your feelings on trying to keep dancing? Are you still teaching? creating? performing? I've seen other friends who gave it up, and yet others who keep a company going in spite of the insanity. I'm feeling like my performing days are definitely numbered, though I'd love to keep taking class (haha, I say "keep taking" as if I'm making it now.) Any thoughts out there from Atlanta dancer/moms?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Atlantan article

From Mary Jane:
"two awesome people captured in one article....
tom bell writes about lauri stallings...
atlantan magazine december 2009 page 48