Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dance Video from Челябинск

Ok, so Chelyabinsk is a long way from Atlanta (it's in Russia, just north of Kazakstan), but I found this video on Pentacle's Move the Frame blog on dance and video and thought I'd share. (That's what's cool about all this media stuff and "world wide web" after all, right? :)

Next in line - Chelyabinsk Contemporary Dance Theatre from Ertza on Vimeo.

More about Челябинский театр современного танца You can follow the link, but the English version of the website is still under construction, so if you don't read Russian, it won't be very useful (or I guess you can translate online and see if it makes any sense.)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Atlanta Arts Funding

At today's Metropolitan Atlanta Arts Fund luncheon (where the organization announced next year's grants, and CORE received one! Yay! Thank you! Do a little happy dance! :) But aside from all the fantastic arts groups that received funding from MAAF, (including the Georgia Ballet as the other dance org in the bunch, congrats!) the big, news-worthy announcement was by Mayor Reed. He spoke and told the crowd that he plans to restore all the funding for the arts through the Office of Cultural Affairs, which was recently proposed to be cut in half in the next city budget. So, another reason to celebrate, Atlanta dance people!
Here are some articles about the announcement, and a few list the grantees too:
Creative Loafing

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A backlog and previews

So there's been a LOT of dance happening the last few weeks and I haven't been keeping up with posting. Kind of happens a lot, so here goes on the catch up again (which will not be all-inclusive because there's a bunch I haven't posted. Feel free to add more links that I missed to the comments.)

Here are some more articles from earlier (I think I'm backed up at least through April...):
Full Radius presented the 17th Annual MAD Festival, which was previewed in CL and garnered this review from Cynthia Perry at ArtsCriticATL.

Gathering Wild presented 27 with a CL preview (shameless plug: yes, I was in this one and if you missed it we're doing a revamp sometime this fall, so stay tuned!)

That first weekend in May was nuts. Here are a couple of round up articles for that rodeo: from Andrew Alexander in Creative Loafing and Cynthia Perry in ArtsCriticATL.com. And here's a Magnetic Drift preview from CL. I have to say that it's really great that Wonderroot has gotten into dance by presenting this show. I hope they continue to support local dance with the same energy they lend to other artistic forms.

gloATL has been busy, with their Chapter III: This is a World (review and slideshow at CL, preview and review at ArtsCriticATL) at The Goat Farm, which they announced will be their permanent home. Have you guys been there? When I went by to take the dance table (alas, couldn't make the show) there were chickens that my two-year-old sang to, but no goats. And gloATL dancers are also part of the Lemony Snicket show with the Atlanta Symphony.

More recently, Atlanta Ballet's Ignition had a photo spread preview and a review by Andrew Alexander in Creative Loafing and a review at ArtsCriticATL.com

And for something actually timely, this weekend here are shows that I know of:
Zoetic's Catch and Release it the fountains at Centennial Park and Catellier Dance Project's Tempo: A non-fiction dance performance is at Emory. And there's a Dance Truck performance also at The Goat Farm this weekend as part of the Southern Swap Meet.

And in the realm of the upcoming season, here's a preview of GA Tech Ferst Center's line up for 2011-12. Some interesting dance choices. And the ARTech residency will be music, not dance this year. But here's a preview and review from Cynthia, and Andrew too on this year's ARTech residency culmination with Jonah Bokaer creating FILTER (back to early April again here).

Yay dance!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

DanceATL June 5

So just to get it out there, the next DanceATL meeting will be Sunday, June 5 at 4 pm at the Atlanta Ballet Michael C. Carlos Dance Centre. The discussion will be about "Approaches to Choreography" and the guests are Amy Gately, director of Room to Move Dance, George Staib, director of Staibdance and independent dance maker Blake Beckham.


So how many people saw the Martha Graham 117th birthday Google doodle? It seems like everyone on Facebook did. It was pretty cool. Very nice for Google to pay tribute to a dance luminary, and with animation no less! (most of the other Google doodles I've seen are stationary.) For those of you who  missed it (or just want to see it again) here's a link to it. And while you're on Vimeo check out the dance animation, Thought of You, by the same artist, Ryan J. Woodward. I don't think I've ever seen dance animated like that before (without elephants in tutus or something) and I like how it uses both mediums together for full effect.

Also on technology (and google) there were some issues with blogger being down that same day so I didn't get to post this until now (not that it was down the whole time. I really only had the chance to try once while it was.) Since of course, it's not like I post all that regularly of late anyway. The summer will ironically mean more time to post, with fewer dance events in town to post about. So it goes. Happy summer everyone!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Jacob's Pillow Interactive

So this is pretty cool: Jacob's Pillow Interactive (and maybe something you don't want to know about if you have a procrastination problem at all--they even have a "guess who this is" quiz!) Jacob's Pillow has created an online snapshot of their video libraries from the very earliest in the 1930s. Obviously, since they archive pretty much every performance that takes place, it isn't comprehensive (you have to go there to dig around in all that goldmine) but it's got representative clips from the whole history. Have fun!