Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dancing science

Here's a topic that I meant to put out here a while ago (probably a year, actually, wow). Last year there was a fun look at the "Dance vs Power Point" at TEDxBrussells. And the reason I know it's been a year is that it's time again for the Dance Your PhD project. Last year's winners: Science announces the 2011 Dance your PhD winners and just recently announced, the winners for 2012. I know some PhD students but haven't convinced any of them to work with me on making a video of their thesis. Of course, there's already a lot of work involved in doing a PhD, so this just seems like more to do on top of climbing a Sysiphis-ian mountain. But I love that people are doing it. That dance can speak to these guys who have probably spent zero time ever dancing in a formal sense, and that it actually summarizes what they're researching for us "other folks" better than a written abstract makes me smile. Yay dance!