Sunday, February 10, 2013

Thinking About Social Change

February may be a short little month but it packs in the action like a month with many days.  It boasts hearty outreach, acts of empowerment, and community education. Oh- and let's not forget the ever important Valentine's Day.  But aside from that lovely day, it would be hard not to observe organizations that are using dance to lead the way for social change.  On February 14,  organizations like V-Day and Idle No More will use their dance voices to bring attention to issues regarding violence against women and the environment, respectively. 

Atlanta's very own Moving in the Spirit is one of these gems of February.  On February 23 and 24, 2013 their Men in Motion troupe will celebrate its tenth anniversary with three performances. Men in Motion was created ten years ago with the purpose of providing boys ages 8-13 with an alternative to street life and a path to achievement. These shows, comprised of contemporary dance and hip hop, will display just how Moving in the Spirit's nationally recognized youth development program is brilliant, beautiful, and behemoth.

It's vital to take a break from creating choreography, searching for inspiration, and discussing the challenges of this thing we call 'dance' to acknowledge those giving back in a deep and significant way, right?

Happy February!