Monday, November 9, 2009

About last weekend's Dance Canvas show

Cynthia Bond Perry's review of the Dance Canvas performance last weekend is online here. Sounds like it went well, congrats, Angela! And thanks for hosting a DanceATL table!
Did anyone (other than the people I knew who danced in it :) make it to the Volta Dance Theatre show as well? As you can see from the recent post about the table schedule, there's a lot of dance coming up between now and the end of the year. This Thursday is CORE's Lunchtime in the Studio and Salon, and this upcoming weekend is brooks and company dance's "Composed."
Once again, I'm not keeping a specific schedule of everything here on the blog, but you can find listings on (And please everyone list their events with the site; we want them to go back to having a tab for dance by itself, not just "theater and dance"!!)


  1. Thanks for the note about our show this weekend. Come check it out.

    A couple of us from BCD went to Dance Canvas AND Volta this past weekend. We had past and present dancers in both shows and we enjoy seeing them do work different than our own.

    Both productions had great attendance and played to enthusiastic and appreciative audiences.

    Both shows offered a glimpse into the broad range of dance that can be found throughout the year in this area. Both productions demonstrated that we are a vibrant, hungry, diverse, committed and fun loving dance community.

    Both shows also brought in artists from outside our area. This gives us a bit of cross polination, so to say, and that's important in our development as a community.

    The next few weeks are jam packed with dance. Go see a few shows. Our local dance community is the pulse of the city and that heartbeat is picking up--attend a dance performance an see why.

    Merde, everyone!

    brooks & company dance

  2. Thanks Claire!! The shows were wonderful...Two sold out performances, which is a testament to the wonderful choreographers and dancers who were apart of the show this year... and there was a lot of interest in the dance table! Thank you Aly for setting the table up in the lobby!