Monday, November 30, 2009

Dance healing

Very cool NY Times article about how dance has helped body awareness for a man with cerebral palsy. Dance can be healing in so many ways, physically and emotionally. People are so cut off from their bodies (and I'm one of them right now, sitting at a computer writing about dance but hardly finding time to dance myself lately!) There are some fabulous programs with dancers working with folks to help them access their body-knowledge. SDC's Dynamic X-Change program has been teaching dance as a healing art to populations such as children with autism (haha, that came out sounding like I write about the program officially didn't it, go figure). brooks and company dance has a program for people with Parkinson's disease. And it's not dance but it is still movement, I did a workshop learning to teach yoga to folks with multiple sclerosis. As the subject of the NY Times article commented, the power of it was partially just the adjustment of working with what he was able to do rather than being told what he couldn't do for once. Really, we all have our limitations to work with, so the explorations are the same, and that mind shift is an important one for any of us to remember.

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