Monday, November 23, 2009

'Tis the season to be...Nutcracker-ing

I hope everyone's weekend shows went well! I'm sorry I didn't make it to see any of them this time, but I did set up the DanceATL Table at 7 Stages. Thanks to Carolyn at Good Moves for hosting the table! Now the table is on to Nutcracker performances.(Ah, Nutcracker. So many years of my life were spent in rehearsal and performing the gamut of roles in this standby. I've gotten to the point where every time I hear the music while holiday shopping, it's not so painful any more. But after high school, I definitely needed a few years away! It might be to the point in a couple years that I actually want to take Mirah with me to go see it for her first time. :) Aly is going to set it up at the Fox for the Atlanta Ballet's run, and we'll keep aside another set of the postcards etc. that can travel around to other productions. Again, if you'd like to host, please contact me.

Also, I am currently looking into finding an intern, or really, probably two to help out with DanceATL, one who can help with the collection of information from everyone, for the table and for the web, and another who can help create an actual website and give input on the identity/branding. If you are, or you know, anyone who is a dancer/dance enthusiast student looking for some credit hours for the spring, please contact me for that as well! Thanks!


  1. Emory has a solid internship program - I will email Anna to make her aware of your need.

  2. Thanks, Blake! Since I posted, I did send a loose description of the internship to Anne in the office at Emroy, as well as posting to the SCAD job board and getting in touch with Art Institute of Atlanta and Agnes Scott. I've got one person lined up to help more with SDC stuff, but she might be able to do some of the DanceATL things too, depending. So the call is out there, we'll see who responds!