Monday, November 16, 2009


There is a LOT of dance happening next weekend! I don't know what we're going to do with the Dance Table. I may end up taking the stuff over to the Good Moves show at 7 Stages based purely on location, the fact that it's on my way home from work. I can split up the brochures if anyone wants to host a table at some of the other shows, just let me know how to get the info there? But being only me, I'm sure I'm not taking things around to all 7 or 8 events that are happening.
I was wondering, looking at the fact that Kennesaw, Emory, Spelman and Agnes Scott are doing their student concerts this weekend, did all the schools know they were planning their shows for the same weekend?  It makes sense in that it's the last weekend before Thanksgiving and the crunch toward finals begins, and I guess the audiences are mostly friends/family from each school so they don’t have to worry about competing for audience. Ballethnic, Good Moves and the D'air Project all have a lot of younger students involved in their shows so I'm guessing that's how they ended up on the same weekend. Does it matter that everything's at the same time or would it work better to spread things out in the future?
Scheduling aside, yay for all this dance happening in town! I hope everyone's performances go really well!


  1. What if you created a Gooogle calendar for next season, so people could post their concert dates and also check to see what other schools and companies are planning? Do you think it might help people to know what's being scheduled for the dates they're thinking about? Just a thought.


  2. I think a google calendar will be a great idea to keep everyone informed. Our production season at KSU is determined by the availability of the theatre and scheduling relative to dozens of art events in dance, music, theatre and the visual arts every year.

  3. I'm looking into the google calendar option. If I do find an intern, I'll have people submit their info to her and she can post it. Otherwise, I'll see if I can post the login on the blog to open it up sort of like Artlanta, and see if people can just enter their events on their own without too much problem.